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what are you doing 你在做什么 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 你在做什么 2. 你在干什么 3. 你在做什么呢 例句: 1. Then what are you doing? 那幺你在干什么?。

Do you obey the rules in your school? What do you think of your school rules? Are you allowed to dye (染) hair? A lot of school rules are similar around the world, but some are different. Some students may enjoy more freedom in...

你好! nose鼻子。 意思是你在报纸前用鼻子在干嘛呢?


句子有错误。应该是 so what are you going to do on your rest day. 或者 so what do you do on your rest day. 你休息那天打算干什么?

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