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rECommEnD to Do

recommend sb to do 是推荐某人做某事 劝解某人做某事 recommend doing 推荐做某事 劝解做某事(没有指定人去做) 如果满意,请记得 点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,(*^__^*) 谢谢~~

1.recommend doing sth.建议做某事 Butchers recommend cooking meat with the fat and trimming it away later. 肉贩建议先把肉整个儿煮熟,然后再将肥肉切去.Most authorities recommend letting the baby nurse whenever it wants. 大部分权威人

都有..recommend that sb (should) do sth.recommend sb to do sth sb is/was recommended to do sth advise sb (should) do sth.advise sb to do sth.像advice这类词只有表示建议的时候才要用do sth.而不能用to do,但当它不表示建议的时候就可以用advise sb to do sth.了 p.s. advise才是动词,advice是名词来的

Recommend sb to do指的是需要有时间段的事情 Doing sth主要是现在正在指导的事情..

recommend sb to do/ of sth

recommend后面加doing和to do都是可以的,但具体表达的意思有区别 recommend sb to do指的是需要有时间段的事情,多数情况下会这么用 recommend sb doing sth其实是把doing sth变成动名词,也就是recommend sth的意思

recommend sb for sth,recommend sb as recommend 及物动词 句型:something has much/little/nothing to recommend it 用法used to say that something has many, few, or no good qualities: 用来描述品质或质量 1 推荐,介绍,推举 ~ sb for sth 2同suggest 劝告;建议 ~ sb to do sth3使受欢迎

to do

recommend的中文翻译及物动词 vt.1.推荐,介绍[(+as/for)][O1]Can you recommend me some new books on this subject?你能推荐一些有关这个学科的新书给我吗?2.建议,劝告[O2][+v-ing][+that]I recommend you to comply with safety

两种结构都有,recommend 用法如下 recommend sth to sb recommend sth for sb/sth recommend sb for sth eg I recommend this book to you . Which type of oil do you recommend for my car?I have decided to recommend you for the directship.

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