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The economic increases rapidly these years

increasing rapidly迅速增长双语对照例句:With both gdp and consumption increasing rapidly, why should china give up its unbalanced growth approach? 既然gdp和消费均增长迅速,中国为何还要放弃它的非均衡增长策略呢?www.cuyoo.com

develop rapidly 迅速发展 双语例句 继续查词1 In addition, the currency substituting develop rapidly and its typicalexample is dollarization.另外,货币替代现象加速发展,其典型的例子就是美元化.

our country has developed rapidly我国发展得迅速例句释义:全部更多例句 1.Now our country has developed rapidly. The government gives support to poorfamilies, so children can get a good education.现在我们的国家迅速地发展了,政府给贫困

accommodate to sth 顺应,适应(新情况) 例句:I needed to accommodate to the new schedule. 我需要适应新的时间表.

increase rapidly迅速增长;增长很快;迅速增加;快速增长双语例句1. Exports of household appliances are not expected to increase rapidly in 2010. 2010年家用电器的出口预计不会大幅度增长.2. The reform and opening up made China's society

形容词 adj. * 1.宽慰的,减轻的,解除的2113 I am relieved to hear that this isn't true.听到5261这不是真的,我感到宽心了.4102 I was relieved to see that he seemed almost himself again. 看到他又恢复理智1653,我总算放心了. Having gone a long time without scoring,he was relieved to find the net again. 他好长时间没有得分版,因而有了投篮的机会时觉得欣权慰.

但无论怎样,我会用我的努力,我的热情,我的真诚,我的全部&去保护你,爱你!However, I will use my efforts, my passion, my sincerity, my all to protect you, love you! however 英[haev(r)] 美[haev] adv. 然而; 可是; 无论如何; 不

W ,we can start by educating the public about the hazards of pollution.The government on its part should also design stricter laws to promote a cleaner environment. 8.表示比较 1)Compared with A, for ignorance is the root of misfortune ?.As college

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