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plEAsE BE hAppy是什么意思

please be happy 请保持快乐 例句: 1. The letter concludes with a request to "please be happy".

please be happy good night 愿你高兴,晚安。

是祝福语的话,应当是 May you be happy

I have something to tell you, and please have a sit before it. After a whole night thinking, I think it's better for both of us to ...


原句:Please be happy every day. 改为否定句: Please not happy every day.

最后一句happy 前面应该加“be".please be happy. 翻译:我也不知道. 只是希望你会没事(过的好). 请一定要快乐.


Thank you to accompany me,Please be happy everydady。 谢谢你陪伴你,请每天都开心。

happy valentine's day 词典结果: Happy Valentine's Day 情人节快乐; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Happy valentine's day to everybody. 祝所有人情人节快乐。 2. You mean everything to me. Please say yes. Happy valentine's day, hone...

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