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my sChool DAy英语作文

My School Day I enjoy my life spent at school, because I can not only learn new knowledge every day, but also I can share my happiness with my friends. I was on duty for today, so I got up very early in the morning and got to school at 6.30 a.m. Then I

My School Day Hello!I'm Jane.This is my school day.I really get up at seven 'clock in the morning.Then eat my bro breakfast.After that.I go to school at eight.We have class from8:30 to 11:50.I usually eat lunch at school at twelve o'clock.School is oven

I am twelve years old.I am in seventh grade.I have eight(?) lessons every day---four in the moring,and the other four in the afternoon.We learn Chinese\Maths\English and other subjects.The first class begins at 7:20,and end at 4:30 in the afternoon.

我这有两篇,一篇长点一篇短的,看你需要哈 --------------- 长的:My school days My School Days Looking over my own school days,there are so many things that I would rather not tell,that it will take very

My School Day I get shcool at seven in the moring everyday.At 8:30 I start my shool day.In the morning,there are four classes .I have four classes In the afternoon,too.My favorite subject is English ,because my English teacher is so nice and humorous.

【可以不?】I get up at six in the morning. Then I wash my face and brush my teeth. After a quick breakfast, I go to school in my mother's car. It takes us more than half an hour to get there. We have four hour classes in the morning. I have luch at my

NO.5 middle school is the school that I am from.Our school is in the outskirts of the city.It is truly very beautiful! Near the front gate there are many different kinds of trees,sothat we can enjoy the fresh air when we go into out school every day.Face to

My School Day 我的学校生活 My name is Benny.I'm 14 years old,and I study in No.1 Middle School of Hangzhou.My school is very big and beautiful.I'm very happy in the school.我是Benny.我今年十四岁,就读于杭州一中.我就读的学校(面积)非常

every day,i go to school at seven.i have eight lessons every day.from seven twenty to seven forty,we always read english or chinese.we begin lessons at seven fifty.a lesson has forty minutes.at eleven twenty in the noon,we have already finished our

my school day i go to school from monday to friday. everyday i get up at 7. after i get up, i have breakfast. i often go to school at 7:30. classes begin at 8. i have lunch at school. sometimes i play basketball after school. i usually go home at 5. then i

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