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js 判断个非负整数是否能够同时被3,5,7整除的函...

(function(){ var div=document.getElementById("numBox"); var str=''; for(var i=1;i

col=0; for(var i=1; i

var count = 0; for(var i=1;i

var begin=100,end=200;do {if(begin % 3 == 0) {console.log("Can be divided exactly by 3==>"+begin);}else if(begin % 7 == 0) {console.log("Can be divided exactly by 7==>"+begin);}begin++;} while(begin

var arr=[];//先声明一个空数组 for(var i=1;i

var a=[]; var b=[]; for(var i=100;i

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Check if this entry is a directory or a file. const size_t filenameLength = strlen(fileName); if (fileName[filenameLength-1] == '/') { {

来个通俗易懂的 int a=0; int b=0; for(int i=0; i

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