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i Don t wAnnA BE you AnymorE

我不想再失去你了.(wanna就是want to 的口语说法)

应该是Rihanna的unfaithful吧.附上歌词:unfaithful制作者;mumwei20Story of my lifeSearching for the rightBut it keeps avoiding meSorrow in my songCause it seems that wrongReally loves my companyHe's more than a manAnd this is more than


搜一下:求有一首英文歌,节奏感很强.歌词大概是i dont wanna be alone anymore,we see

你好,请问你要找的是这首歌,如果是望采纳哦,谢谢Anymore意淋The feeling's right So I din't waitYou define all the rules in the gameDoes it matter?All that I've said Who's to blame?Maybe someday you'll regretMessing up the picture

哎,分好少哦!!经查证歌曲是Dada (feat. Andree Right Hand) I Don't Love You Anymore (Remix) 旋律很好蛮好听的是一位泰国歌手唱的,里面有一段泰文歌词,PS;你有这首歌的MP3吗?完整歌词是Lyrics: [CHORUS] Everybody wanna know

Lyrics to I Don't Wanna See You Again : When you love it And leave it It comes back to you It's a mistake My mama used to make I gave you Every reason to be up And be out on me But when you left You never came back This way And I cant fight

don't wanna miss you any more wanna(俚语)=want to 翻译成中文:我不想再更多地想念你

On pins and needles we are waiting for the fall 我们火急火燎地等待那轰然的倒塌 We count the days scratching lines on the wall 在墙上画线数着日子 Wait in the wings at someone's beckon and call 耐心等待时机的来临,直到听到某人的召唤


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