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hold out1. 伸出;拿出:例句: They all held out their hands to welcome me.他们全都伸出双手欢迎我.Martha held out a cheongsam for us to look.玛莎拿出一件中国旗袍展示636f707962616964757a686964616f31333238653861给我们看.2. 提

hold on 是坚持住,握住不放的意思 而hold out 是维持住,坚持要求和意见,不屈服的意思 hold on当坚持 they managed to hold on until help arrived.他们设法坚持住直到有救援到来.hold out 当坚持意见用 doctors hold out little hope of her recovering.医生帮助她康复的希望甚微

1. hold on是坚持住,握住不放的意思;hold out 是维持住的,坚持要求和意见,不屈服的意思.Hold on句子:These nuts and bolts hold the wheels on. 这些螺帽和螺栓把轮子固定住了.2. Hold out句子:We can stay here for as long as our

你好!hold out=remind .提供.而bring out 引起.我的回答你还满意吗~~

hold on 坚持住,握住不放;(打电话时)不挂断,等会 hold out 维持,保持;坚持(要求),不屈服

1、held为hold的过去式 为已过去 表示已伸出(手)2、palm的意思是手掌、手心.


held out 意为伸出Would you please hold out your right hand.请你伸出你的右手.祝你学习愉快~(*^.^*)~~

有的,stick out的宾语放在stick和out的中间,如stick out your tongue或stick your tongue out.stick out of的宾语放后面,如stick out of your mouth.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.

hold up 举起;阻挡;拦截hold out 坚持;伸出;提供;维持;抵制;主张;扣留

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