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For A lunCh是什么意思

For lunch.为午餐 双语例句1 It ' s not appropriate to leave queues of taxpayers and go for lunch.放下排长队的纳税人去吃午饭这实在是不怎么合适.2 She has already left for lunch. Would you like to____ ②____for her?您愿意给她留个口信吗?

一般是说什么we eat bread for lunch.意思是我们以面包来充当午餐.

两者均表示用午餐,“to”表示方向或目的地,“for”表示“1、目的;2、用途”,使用时要注意动词搭配例句:1、Carol and Tom invited us to lunch. 卡罗尔和汤姆请我们来吃午饭.2、My uncle Frank promised to take me out to lunch. 我叔


have是以人为主语呀,for是物,或时间为主语呀.从意思上就能区分啊.have lunch 吃饭(主动的) for lunch(用来吃午饭,为了吃午饭)


have lunch是动词加名词结构,表示吃午饭.for lunch 是介词加名词结构,表示为了午饭.例句:Everybody wants to have lunch in the garden. 大家都想在花园里吃午饭.We tend to meet up for lunch once a week. 我们往往每周共进一次午餐.

Let us go for lunch. 让我们去吃午饭.

一、lunch的意思1、作为名词:午餐.示例:We've given all the club members tea, coffee and a spot of lunch.译文:我们为所有俱乐部成员都提供了茶、咖啡和简单的午餐.2、作为动词:用午餐.示例:If anyone wants me, I'm at lunch with a

What did you have for lunch 你中午吃了些什么 双语对照 词典结果:网络释义1. 你中午吃些什么 例句:1.Did you ever have a lunch with so many birds? 你曾看到过和如此多的鸟一同进餐?2.So, did you always have a thing for her? 你是不是自始至终一直想着她?

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