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fame是famous的名词形式,意思是名声,荣誉 famous是形容词,意思是知名的,著名的

fame[英][feim] [美][fem] n.名声;名望;传闻;传说 vt.使闻名;使出名;使有名望;盛传 现在分词:faming;过去式:famed;第三人称单数:fames;过去分词:famed;



fame 英[fem] 美[fem] n. 名声; 名望; 传闻; 传说; vt. 使闻名; 使出名; 使有名望; 盛传; [例句]At the height of his fame, his every word was valued在他声名鼎盛之时,他的每句话都受到重视.[其他] 第三人称单数:fames 复数:fames 现在分词:faming 过去式:famed过去分词:famed

及物动词1.使出名,扬…的名2.〔古语〕盛传.come to fame = win fame 成名.

n. 名声;名望;声誉、传闻;传说 vt. 使闻名;使出名;使有名望;应该不分不分褒贬义ill fame丑名, 恶名undying fame不朽之名He harvested rewards in fame and wealth for his successful experiment. 他因试验成功而名利双收.Many people hunt after fame in their lives but never find it. 很多人一生追逐名利,但是总不能成功.

and 是连词.with是介词.. and kk: [] dj: [] conj. 1. 和,及,与,同;又 they sang and danced all night. 他们通宵唱歌跳舞. my mother and father have never agreed on this matter. 我父母在这件事情上从未意见一致过. 2. 然后 she went to the united

fame the state of being known about by a lot of people because of your achievements 属于比较大的社会名望是指一个人红了..出名了..成名了,名声大震了.是famous的名词形式.有点贬义..比如:She won her overnight fame by her first

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