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辛參盾瞥葎:^序佩匯肝中編 ̄賜宀, ̄序佩匯肝寡恵^.

give an interview 才 take an interview 議曝艶壓侭喘議曾倖強簡貧.輝 interview 恬^中編 ̄盾扮,give 頁^公嚠 ̄,take 頁^俊鞭 ̄.壓 give an interview 才 take an interview 宸曾倖燕器圭塀嶄,念宀議麼囂頁 interviewer,軸 interview 議麼擬宀

do an interview:肇中編艶繁.The manager of this company decided to do an interview on his own.宸社巷望議将尖畳協牌徭肇中編哘童宀.have an interview:瓜瓜繁中編I am very nervous because I am going to have an interview tomorrow.厘載諸嫖咀葎厘苧爺勣歌紗匯魁中編.

儂屬痕:辛鍬咎葎1、距同(ちょうさひょう)、2、アンケト 距同 3、火互鳩範慕:噫駆鳩範慕4、鳩範慕

In order to make a good impression during job interview, you need to prepare yourself for it. You must arrive in plenty of time before the interview, so that you give yourself a little time to relax before the interview begins. The impression you make as

make an interview瞥吶寡恵interview哂-['ntvju]胆-['ntvju]瞥吶n. 俊需,寡恵;中編,中霧vt. 寡恵;俊需;斤´序佩中霧;斤蝶繁序佩中編

兆簡 interview:the questioning of a person (or a conversation in which information is elicited); often conducted by journalists a conference (usually with someone important)揖吶簡:consultation, audience強簡 interview:conduct an interview in

糞仏距臥,序佩距臥匯違頁conduct an investigation


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