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compete vi.(不及物动词)竞争;争夺;参加比赛 例句:We can't compete with them on price.我们在价格上无法与他们竞争.名词:competition 竞争,竞争对手.形容词:competitive 竞争的,好胜的.望采纳~

compete (verb) competition (noun) competitive (adj) competer (noun for person) competitively (adverb)


competevi. 竞争;比赛;对抗(过去式 competed过去分词 competed现在分词 competing第三人称单数 competes)1. [ V](with/against sb) (for sth)to try to be more successful or better than sb else who is trying to do the same as you 竞争;对抗2.[ V] ~ (in sth) (against sb)to take part in a contest or game 参加比赛(或竞赛)


compete 的形容词是: completed1. C. would miss2. C. will lieave3. A. are waiting; runs4. B. had learned5. A. has lived6. D. have stayed7. A. grow8. C. has appeared9. B. I won't10. B. had been waiting

完成 [动] complete; finish; accomplish; fulfil; achieve; [例句]工人们以惊人的速度完成了筑坝工程.The workers finished the dyke with remarkable speed.

visitor ,decision ,competition,defference visitor decision competition, difference 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你 visitor 来访者 decision 决定 competition, 竞争,比赛 difference 区别

compete 是动词 竞争的意思 competition是名词 也是竞争 比赛的意思 competitor 是名词 是竞争者 参加比赛的人的意思


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