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carefully: [ kefli ] ad. 小心地,仔细地 例句与用法 1. She drives carefully up the rocky lane. 她驾车小心地从这条很多石头的小路上驶过去. 2. You need to structure your arguments more carefully. 你需要更为仔细地组织自己的论点. 3. She

carefully[英]['kefl][美][krfl]adv.小心谨慎地; 警惕地; 仔细地; 周密地; 例句:1.Engineers distinguish carefully between the two. 工程师们仔细区分这两者.2.But politicians must tread carefully. 但是政客们必须小心行事.

仔细阅读菜单 很多食物被描写成油炸的,你应该避免吃这些东西,因为他们含有高卡路里,还有很多脂肪,试着订一些用蔬菜和低脂肉做成的菜



li tao students in his introduction to the aquarium in Wuhan. The students have seriously listened to. He felt that he visited aquarium is the most interesting places. Lane has a variety of aquatic animals, such as: dolphins, sea lions, sharks and so on.

everyone dreams of success, as students, our biggest dream for now is going to college. if we want the dream to come true, we have to study harder. so, we should pay attention in class, study hard, make the best of our time, don't afraid of making

see carefully and seriously

be careful 才对……be是系动词 后面要接表语(形容词)It's no joke to start smoking at my age=It's not a joke to start smoking at my age意思就是说 在我这个年纪抽烟可不是开玩笑的(抽烟的后果很严重)

draw carefully 中文翻译:仔细地(认真地)画.勤学好问 天天进步!

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