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He will absent himself from the meeting.

1.absent from 改为absent,句子意思会有可笑的大变化,表示他把学校整个弄空了,好象不知道用的什么手段,把学校的人都弄走了,现在学校空无一人2.这句是问健康的,就是这些天来身体好吗?可以直接简化成how are you these days?3.这句就是说“你太幸运了!”用这种反问语气,是故意加强说话者羡慕心情的.

1. Often absent mindedness or inattentiveness tendencies represents emotional imbalance in one's behavior. 2. Absentmindedness can be cured only by being

1、Not everybody can do it.并不是人人全都能做.2、Is everybody here?人都来全了吗?3、No one is absent. Everybody's here.人都到齐了,一个也不缺.4、Everybody is down on me except you.大家都讨厌我,惟独你不.

They moved here because of the baby.他们为了孩子而搬家到这里.I study because I want to learn.我学习是因为我想学到知识.An old coin was dug up in the garden.在花园里挖出了一枚古硬币.

I think this design is very outstanding. I feel shamed about he was failed in the exam. Today he was absent at meeting,so the boss got angry. There would be a football match in our school. Edison was an inventor who desighed the light bulb.

第一个:surf the internet i like to surf the internet every night. surfing the internet is my hobby. 第二个:the result of the result of the accident is terrible. do you know the result of the exam? 第三个:as for as for the result, i don't know. as for who will

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a bit of 有一点:there is a bit of a scholar.这里有一点墨水a few of 有些:a few of them know it.他们当中有少数人知道那件事.a kind of 一种:this is a kind of oil.这是一种油a little of:know a little of everything.什么都懂一点a lot of: she plays a lot of

He was absent from class last night.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

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