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When did you get up? I got up at six.你什么时候起床的?我六点起床的。 When will the bus arrive? At eleven.公共汽车什么时候到?11点。 When do we have breakfast? At seven.我们什么时候吃早餐?七点。 When were you born? I was born ...

How much 1`How much? Ten yuan.多少钱?10元。 2`How much did this trousers take you?这条裤子花了你多少钱? 3·How much is this bag? 这个书包多少钱? 4·How much did you get from your father? 你从你父亲那儿得到多少钱? How many 1`H...

用于肯定句中表示一些,也可用于需要得到对方的肯定回答的问句中,后面既可以接可数名词,也可接不可数名词.i want some apples(bread).would you like some bread.

attention n. 注意力;关心;立正!(口令) 短语 Pay Attention 注意对手 ; 注意 ; 关注 ; 集中注意力 attention to 对 ; 的注意 ; 注意 ; 对…注意 voluntary attention 有意注意 ; 随意注意 ; 自愿性注意 ; 非有意的注意 扩展资料 1、He drew ...

1.正好,恰好 That is just what I want to know. 那正是我想知道的. 2.仅仅,只是 He is just a child. 他只是一个孩子. 3.刚才 He is just out of hospital. 他刚刚出院. 4.(常与only连用)勉强地,差一点就不能 The skirt comes just below my kn...

A good beginning is half done. 良好的开端是成功的一半。

t is important for me to learn English.学英语对我来说太重要了。 It is easy for me to do the homework.做这个作业对我来说太简单了。

What's your hobby? 你有什么爱好? My hobby is collecting stamps. Do you have a hobby? 我爱好集邮,你有爱好吗? I'd be happy to take up a new hobby. 我很乐意开始一种新嗜好。

He likes playing basketball.他喜欢打篮球 She always eats beef for lunch.她午餐总是吃牛肉 The boy goes to school by bus.那个男孩坐公交车去学校 Mike has a headache.迈克头疼 Marry always helps me with math.玛丽总是在数学方面帮助我

1.The plumber connected up all the pipes and turned on the tap. 管子工连接上所有管子,然后打开了水龙头。 2.These terminals are connected to our mainframe computer. 这些终端设备都和我们的计算机主机相连。 3.Has the phone been con...

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