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Do not gum up the work by telling mother what we are going to do.别告诉母亲我们zd要干的事,那会把事情搞糟的.Don't gum up the work by telling Mother what we are going to do.别告诉母亲我们要干的事,那会把事情搞糟的.She is going to sit

she is gong to eat gongbaochicen

I am going to Beijing nest month.Mary is going to school tomorrow.Mum is going to hotel with me .Lucy is going to my house nest week.be going to 引导将来时

I am going to play basketball.(我将去打兰球)We are going to play basketball.(我们将去打兰球)They are going to learn playing basketball.(他们将去学习打兰球)

I am going to (play watch swim see look have) …………很多的 随便写就是了

I'm going to be a teacher/driver/worker/waiter/``````后面的名词你应该会把,不知道对不对~`

how to do 中文意2113思是:5261如何做 也可以读作:How to do how to do 英 [hau tu: du:] 美 [ha tu du] 词典 怎么做 造句4102:1 Mom, can you tell me how to do it? 妈妈,能告诉我怎么做吗1653?2 Could you suggest someone to advise me how to do this? 这该怎么办?专你能不能推荐一个人帮我出个属主意?

imgoing to sleep

We are going to go over lessons for the exam.我们准备为考试而去复习.为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

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