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我喜欢中秋节是因为中秋是团圆节 I like the Mid Autumn Festival is for the Mid Autumn Festival is the festival of reunion 望采纳,谢谢

您好,翻译为: My favorite festival is Mid-autumn day.希望帮助你

I like Mid-Autumu Festivel because I can eat mooncakes with my families.

英语是:I like the Mid-Autumn Festival very much because there are many people toghether and it is very lively

In Mid-autum day, my family get together to have a big meal. After that, many people would like to go to the park to take a walk and enjoy the moon. For my family, we usually sit in front of the door and chat happily wi families and nabours. There are many kinds of fruits and mooncakes.

I like Mid-autumn Festival because everyone can be together with their family on that day.

The reason why I like to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival because I like to eat moon cakes

Because today is the Mid-Autumn festival, so we all visit my aunt's house.

中秋节 the mid-autumn festival

my favourite

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