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my school I'm a student of NO.1middle school.Our school is very big and beautiful,there are many trees and flowers here. Teachers and students in our school are very friendly and harmony.There are also many excellent students in our school.

I'm studying in the (NO.1)school.It's very (big) and (clean).There are (42)classrooms ang (12)offices.There are two playgrounds in my school .We can have PEclass in the small playground and play basketball or football in the big playground.There

my school i study in the no.1 primary school. it's one of the best primary schools in my city. there are four buildings in campus.two of them are teaching buildings. the other two are library and gym. the teaching buildings are huge and the classroom is

My school is very beautiful. I like my school very much.There is a big playground in my school and we often play sports on it .My classroom is big and clean.There are many books in the library.I often read books here.我的学校有一个大操场,我们经常在这做运动.我的教室又大又干净.图书馆里有许多书.我经常在这里看书.在教学楼里还有音乐室、美术室.学校的老师都很好.学生们非常聪明、有礼貌.我在学校很高兴.

My School This is my school, it is so big and beautiful. School classroom very capacious, also extremely clean, our teacher is very friendly to us. Our school is in stationery shop opposite. Our scho

I think school life should be colorful.There should be more activities,such as,singing and dancing concert,going out to hike,visit the museums,sports meeting and so on.The

我今年十二岁,是小学六年级一班的学生.我们学校很大很漂亮,我在这里学习得很开心.学校里面每天早上有四节课,下午有三节课.课堂上是很有趣的.我最喜欢上语文课I this year twelve years old, is a primary school class in the sixth grade students. Our school is big and beautiful,

原发布者:度米文库 我的学校英语作文带翻译【篇一:初中英语作文:我的校园生活myschoollife】初中英语作文:我的校园生活myschoollifemynameislily,agradeeightstudent.ilikemyschoollifeverymuchbecauseitsreallyenjoyable.inschool,

I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. Then I do morning exercises in the playground. After breakfast, I often read English with my clasSmates.We have six clasSes every

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