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邮件范文:Dear Mr./Ms, Mr. John Green, our General Manager, will be in Paris from June 2 to 7 and would like to come and see you on June 3 at 2.00 p.m. about the opening of a sample room there.Please let us know if the time is convenient for

Dear Robert, I'm glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam. Firstly, I will learn to drive. I think driving can be useful.

Dear Kitty How's everything going. I'm in trouble now. I am interested in surfing the internet recently. It takes me a lot of time. And I know that It's just a waste of time but I can't help myself. I go home so late that I didn't have enough time to do my

Dear xx,Good day.This is xx from xx .We are the supplier of xx. Glad to contact with you.Enclosed is purchse order for your company, please kindly check it.Any questions please kindly contact with me.Thanks & Best Regards,XX 一般注意事项:1. 不

dear xxx,how are you? it has been a long time since we last contacted each other.how are you doing in university? is it stressful? mine is great. i feel more relaxed and we have more freedom now.next month, we will be holding a new year celebration

Dear XXX,How are you? It has been a long time since we last contacted each other.How are you doing in University? Is it stressful? Mine is great. I feel more relaxed and we have more freedom now.Next month, we will be holding a New Year

Dear Jeff, I'm writing this letter to tell you something about learning Chinese.Well,there is a spoken Chinese class in Nantong University.It lasts for four weeks.The price is not very expensive,it is 400 yuan.Besides,I'm willing to offer you

你好!填写好邮箱或你发信软件里发邮件的内容就可以了.方便简单为主.别忘了填写收件人的eMail 地址.我的回答你还满意吗~~


在邮件开头的加上问候语能使信件读上去更加的友好和人性化.很常见的E-mail中的问候语和称呼如:Hello, Mike, Greetings!英文e-mail写作开头应采用倒金字塔的写作方式,即重要内容写在前面,随着叙述的一步步展开,重要性渐渐减弱.

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