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转载:(1).Introductios and Opening Conversations 介绍和开场白 People in the United States don't always shake hands when they are introduced to one another. However, in a formal or business situation people almost always shake hands. 1.A

A:Hello,John!What were you doing at Chemistry class earlier?You didn't look at the teacher the whole time!B:I have something cool.Look,this is my new 3G mobile phone.I just

A:Hello,it's surprising to meet you here.How are you?B:Fine,thank you. How is everything going on?A:Not bad.Well,we haven't had a talk for a long time.Can you visit me in my home?B:Ok,I'd like to.Please show me the directions.A:You can take the

A:内Do you like to make a phone call?B:容I like to call my family and friends.A:That you will spend a lot of time on the telephone?B:I don't spend a lot of time on the telephone.A:What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of the phone

一千句太多了= =.这是美剧里常出现的,很适合连地道英语哦1、I won't let her go without a fight! 我不会轻易放过她的2、It could happen to anyone./ It happens to anybody./ That happens. 谁都可能会遇到这种情况3、I'm a laundry

范文(1) 帮助英语对话 A:Is there anything I can do?I'd like to help in some way if I can.B:I can't think of anything at the moment.A:Well,maybe I could run errands or something.B:You could if I needed something.A:I feel so useless just hanging

1、hello 2、how are you 3,how old are you 4,can you speak chinese 5,hi 6,what time is it 7,what is your name 8,whst nationality are yuv9,what is you job 10,yes.no

一:购物 A: What can I do for you ? B: I want to buy a skirt for my daughter. A: How old is your daughter ? B: She is twelve years old. A: This way, please. What kind of skirt do you want ? B: I'd like this one. A: What colour do you like ? B: Green. A:

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:pls1001 常用必备的英语口语对话 【常用必备的英语口语对话】 A:YouspokenEnglishisprettygood.PleasetellmeyourexperienceinlearningEnglish. 你的英语口语说得不错,请给我讲讲你学习英

Jo:Hi Jane.Ja:Hi, Joey, how are you? You don't look happy.O: Yeah, you got it. I am under great pressure these days.A: I see. Examinations could be stressful.O: That's right. Last night, I even had a nightware where I failed all the tests. A: In that case,

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