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英语高手进来翻译下... 高分悬赏!

I was raised in a rather small-sized family. However, I like a bigger-sized family with many members. That's because a family with many members will have the right environment to teach us how to treat people more friendly. I do not like DINK (Double

Recently, people become eager to return back to the nature, began to pay more attention to the pursuit and enjoyment of the green environment around them to bring them comfort and peace. We know the true meaning of ecological green space for

With the rapid global development of Internet, as a new technological method of economic activity in 21 Centenary Information Age, Electronic Commerce has already be

纯手工哦~呵呵~My honored lady, Ms.XXX,Glad to meet you! I wrote to your son some time ago, maybe you have got my information from your son. I dont know what you think of me. I'm too excited to tell anything clearly as that was my first time

My name is 张强. I come from Beijing, 湖北Province, China. I am eleven years old. I study in Yangguang Primary School in P5(2). My father is a doctor and my mother is a Chinese teacher. They love my very much. My father liks reading books, my

Monday, "If you want to sing the song sing-biao" Old one, a mood, a glass of wine, a classic piece of memory fragments of life. (Of course, King song selection, they will receive the value of X-Bar drinks 200 to join the Championship on and have

这个动作叫做XXX This movement is called XXX每组5次动作,一共做6组 Each set has 5 movements,and there are 6 sets altogether.这个是不安全的动作. This is an unsafe movement慢点做.Do it slowly. 稍微快一点. Be faster.两组之间休息一

In fact, I would like to give you call, but I have heard your voice too excited, and I am sorry to you play. In fact, I also want to go about your playing, but I have never really about the girls, so do not have the courage I think we have mutual understanding,

BA qUARTER past eleven is also eleven fifteen.填入下列句子中所缺的词That black man COMES (come) from Africa.We CLEANS (clean)the classroom this afternoon.选择填空I cannot B that box.A lifted B lift Clifting D liftsThere C a pen and

to start with,thank you very much for giving me the opportunity for an interview again,I cherish it very much.Through last interview,I realized some disadvantages I had,which

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