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I'll give you my best and won't let you down.电影原文。 这样说相当口语话,但是非常地道。 I will try my best and will not let you down.这样说比较书面。语法绝对没问题。 I won't disappoint you because I will try my best.也是可以的。

only through studying hard can you live up to your parents' expectation. 希望能帮到你,望采纳

I will not let you down for sure. 或者I will not disappoint you for sure.

Do live up to what our parents expect from ourself!

I won't let you down!

不辜负任何人的期望 Live up to everyone's expectation; 终于可以学以致用了 Apply the acquired acknowledge in practical use 我们只剩下四个人了 There are only four of us left. 我升级为领班 I was promoted to the supervisor/foreman/f...

我定努力的去学习尽力做到不辜负您的期望,望老师指点 I would be study English at my best,thanks for helping me,my teacher.

Your family, relative friend hope entrust with you, so you must go to this road well, do not let their expectation down

日语翻译 私は私に期待を裏切らない人私は必ず成功すると私に打ち胜って自分ですべての困难を克服する梦のために私はすべてを払ってこそ、どうしても成功は私が私の负け

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