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您能借我一些钱吗? Could you lend me some money? 【lend 借出,和to 连用,短语:lend sb sth 或 lend sth to sb】 或 Shall I borrow some money from you?【borrow 借来,和from 连用】 我为什么要借你【钱】? Why should I lend it to yo...

我能向你借些钱吗?我急用 Can I borrow some money from you? I urgent need

英语翻译为:I could have lent you the money 例句: 我本可以把钱借给你的。你为什么没有向我借呢? I could have lent you the money. Why didn't you ask me?


姐姐,可以借我1000圆钱? 7月7号还给你. Sister, can you lend me 1000 yuan and return to you in July 7th.

可以是:Can you lend me your book for a minute? 加please更加礼貌

I have lent the book I borrowed from you to others

我的钱不够,我能像你借一些吗? I don't have enough money, I would like you to borrow some?

Could you loan me some money to buy a computer (laptop)? 你可以借我点钱买台电脑(笔记本电脑)吗?

I didn't borrow your money, you lent me. Come to me.

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