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请教大家,"大部分" "小部分"用英语怎么说

汉语和英语不是一一对应的。最接近的可能是most和a small number of/a small part of。

色浆 [词典] mill base; [例句]简单分析了研磨设备的选择对色浆研磨效率的影响。 The effect of grinding equipments on the color paste grinding efficiency was analyzed.

1.Do you enjoy learning English?Why or why not? Sure I do enjoy learning English. it's not only because of the importance of the language, but the interesting fact that we can thought like western people when we learning it. 2....

简单地说,描述状态的单个形容词习惯上放在被修饰的名词后面,即所谓“后置定语”。更多的例子: a friend close to him a car approaching a picture drawn work finished ...... 当然,这些形容词放在被修饰的名词前也是可以的: nearby restaur...

It is not a full container,there is still much space left after loading. 不知道是否准确,但是客人应该会明白,呵呵.

早些时候 Earlier 我来详细说说我早些时候讲过的话。 Let me amplify my earlier remarks. 2 早些时候 earlier on 3 先前地在早些时候 At an earlier time. 4 那天早些时候迫使敌人放弃给我军的阵地现在需要布置起来,对付那必然的反攻。 Positi...

number是拉丁语numero 的缩写形式,第一个字母是N,最后一个字母是o,所以缩写成 No . 请采纳,谢谢

Inspection reference The standard of inspection

宣传片的英文:promotional video。 例句 A promotional video at the centre shows the plant's plans to reduce emissions through carbon capture and storage and by drying the brown coal and compressing it into coal pellets for expor...

其实我之前也在犹豫做基础阅读150还是04之前的真题但是又想哦 我还在背单词 就想做做阅读练练手 还是150好了先不要浪费真题 等单词背得差不多两边了 再去动手真题好了

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