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Internert nowadys Internet becomes the biggest source of information,on the Internet people can find all kinds of information.So it's very important for people to do work.And on the Internet people also can listen to the music and watch the films.

Intenet has been became an important part of our life today.But intenet also has its advantages and disadvantages.On the one hand,intenet can open up our eyes and make us kown more about the world today.And we can also talk to our friends on

Just as what is shown in the picture, a girl is asking a question online. Answers from different netizens differ so greatly that the girl is very confused about whom she should follow①. It is obvious that it is becoming a fashion for people to ask questions

互连网的利与弊(Advantages and disadvantages of the internet) The internet plays a very important role in our dayflies. Everyday thousands people surf the net. With the help of the net you can get many useful information, you can make friends

.the Internet showed exquisite agile, talk rapidly., once leave the network language retardation,There is occasional relax mood, , access to information and convenient

The Effects of the Internet With the development of the society , the computer has been caming to more and more families.Of course , surfing the Internet is a double-edged sword. 俯涪碘皇鄢郝碉酮冬捆 On the one hand ,the Internet widen our eyes

internet plays an important role in my daily life. But it has both positive and negative points.We use internet to search stuff we cannot find in books. We use internet to download musics and movies. Sometimes I use internet to watch videos online

随着时代的发展,上网已经变成了非常普遍的事.不论大人还是小孩,只要提起电脑,都会想到上网.可是,上网是一把“两面”剑,有利也有弊. 我发现一些年龄比较小的同学在家里上网,主要是为了玩游戏.有些中学生经常玩通宵,这样既

Fresh Lotuses Freshly, lotus blooms burst out of water, pure and silky as jades, their slender figures reflected in surface resemble those of damsels, and petals emeralds only tinged with pinky color; In vain to count those fragrant lotus petals blown off

望采纳,谢谢.Nowadays, the Internet has become very common in our daily life, in that we can surf the Internet everywhere anywhere by computer or mobile.However, the debate on the pros and cons of the network has never stopped.Some

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