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原发布者:mushu1122 EnglishSalonfilms猜一猜Hereareafewfamiliarmovies,pleaseguessthemovie'snameandmakeasimpleintroductionaccordingtothepicturesonthescreen(NamethemovieinEnglishasmuchaspossible).以下是几部大家都比较熟

阿凡达 An Alien Language The blockbuster film Avatar has been a smash hit at the box office in the UK and around the world, becoming the fastest film ever to earn $1bn (7bn yuan) in ticket sales.But as well as being an entertaining feast for the

1、红磨坊:In 1900, Christian, an impoverished writer who has come from Scotland the year before, types his story: he arrived in Montmartre and fell in with Toulouse-Lautrec and Bohemians who believe in freedom, truth, beauty, and love. They

Kung Fu Panda中文片名:功夫熊猫 英文片名:Kung Fu Panda 国家地区:美国 影片类型:喜剧 动画 上映时间:2008年06月06日 影片公司:派拉蒙导 演: 约翰史蒂芬森 John Stevenson/马克奥斯本 Mark Osborne主 演

1.Titanic (泰坦尼克号) Introduction(简介) The Royal Mail Ship TITANIC was the last grand dream of the Gilded Age. It was designed to be the greatest achievement of an era of prosperity, confidence and propriety. Although no one knew it, the

英文电影介绍哭泣游戏The Crying Game又译:乱世浮生This highly original film put screenwriter-director Neil Jordan on theinternational map.The story begins at a carnival

【影片名称】Kung Fu Panda 【外文片名】Panda do Kung Fu,O.Portugal Gongfu xiongmao.China (Mandarin title) / Taiwan the leading role Jack Black Po (voice) Dustin Hoffman Shifu (

I am a film fan because I have seen a lot of movies.Also I love many films.Several days ago, I saw an American movie and I love her immediately.Her name is IF ONLY.It is a love story about a pretty girl and a handsome boy. Samantha is in love with

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