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不急 用英语

回答和翻译如下 : 做事情不急和开车不急 Don't hurry and drive slowly

我不着急 I'm not in a hurry. 例句 I'll need to talk with you, but there's no hurry. 我得和你谈谈,但不着急。

I'm not hurry for this file. 最地道的说法

以下都有不着急的意思 don't worry ,在对方很担心时使用 don't be panic,在对方因为紧张而做事太急欠考虑时使用 take it easy,在对方因为紧张而不知所措时使用 其实不着急还有很多语境 比如你有个什么东西要某个机构的官员帮忙,人家却说不着...

没事我慢慢等你不着急 Ok I will wait for you slowly don't worry

1.There's no need to be rush 2.Take it easy 3.Take your time 4.no hurry

unable to hold oneself back迫不及待。 Father in inviting smell of food to the empty town, house is full of delicious food, father and mother unable to hold themselves back the glut themselves with delicacies. 父亲循著诱人的饭香...

Don't worry就行了

Don't be dismal,don't be wild!

I am too young to fall in love,what I should do now is to learn

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