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be worth to do

Be worth doing sth 值得做某事 值得做某事 网络 be worth doing sth; worthy; be worth doing; worth doing; be worth

It will be worth it (to do it / accomplish it).It will be rewarding.It will be satisfying.You will not regret it.It will be fulfilling.It will be gratifying.It will be comforting.It will be pandering.

worth表示“值,值得”,可用表语或后置定语,其后一定要有名词或动名词作宾语,但不能接不定式.如:The book is worth $ 100.这本书值100元.The book is worth reading.这本书值得看.worthy表示“应得,配得上,值得”,常作表语或后置定语,后接不定式,或of加名词或动名词.如:His behaviour is worthy o

1 )a (large) number of / (large) numbers of + 可数名词复数 A number of birds have flown to the south. 许多的鸟已经飞去南方. Large numbers of visitors are from all over the world. 很多旅游者都是来自世界各地. 2)a large/huge amount of / large

值得骄傲的事物网络释义值得骄傲的事物:a feather in one's hat

有很多,比如:带up的出现:come up, turn up, pop up (突然出现), show up 比较正式的出现:emerge, surface (所谓的浮出水面啦) , occur 带贬义色彩的出现:(sth bad) rears its ugly head 有所抬头 Voila, G vide mon sac.

a lot of (U\C) lots of (U\C) a large quantity of (C) plenty of (U〕 a good many of (U〕 a number of (C〕 a variety of (C〕 varieties of (C〕 a great deal of (U〕 many a\an\another(后接单数可数,表示许多〕 注:U表示不可数,C表示可数.

形容人的英语单词<br>pretty 漂亮<br>clever 聪明<br>smart 聪明<br>lovely可爱<br>nice漂亮<br>emperament气质<br>sexy性感<br>kind慈祥<br>easy-going和善的的<br>charming吸引人注意的<br>active 主动的,活跃的<br>adaptable 适应性强

take/have +一段时间+ off表示放假的意思

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