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Today I had a good time. It was my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to his home to celebrate his birthday. My mother cooked many delicious food and we brought a big birthday cake. We got together to have a big family dinner. We gave

1.Angela chang is my favorite.She is a very popular singer .She comes from Taiwan. But she studied in canada. Her song is very wonderful. And her voice is very beautiful.In 2004,her song <Aurora> touched a lot of people . Angela is an iron girl.

1.我有很多爱好,例如运动,唱歌,拉小提琴和记日记. 2.我很喜欢运动.我跑步在早上五点.在下午的课后,我和我的朋友打乒乓球.这些运动使我保持了健康. 3.在家,我喜欢唱歌和拉小提琴.我每天练习唱歌和拉小提琴.我很忙但我相当快乐. 4.在所有我的爱好中我最喜欢看书.在我的卧室有将近六百本书,有故事书,教科书,杂志,还有别的.这些书都丰富了我的知识.

This morning, I got up at six o'clock. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face. After that, I had breakfast with my parents. At noon, I went to my grandparents' house and visited my aunts, uncles and cousins. In the afternoon, we made dumplings

Hello, everyone! I am on duty today.Today is Monday,December 15th.I'd like to introduce myself to you now.My name is Winnie. I'm 15 years old I live in the beautiful city of . I'm an active, lovely, and clever girl. In the school my favorite subject is math

I have a good friend.She is my classmate,her name is Tracy.She is a pretty girl.She 1,Grade 1.She studies hard all day.And she can speaks Japanese English and Chinese

How can we learn English well? We are learning English now. But how can we learn English well? A student can know a lot about English, but maybe he can't speak English. If you want to drive a car, you must learn to drive a car and practice it by

My favorite subjectChinese. One day,my classmate asked me a question: what is your favorite subject? I answered him without any thinking:Chinese,of course! Do you know why I like Chinese so much?I will tell you my answer then. First,

Dear Sarah with modern life is faster, more and more people are under a lot of pressure to the speed of life.Some people are not afraid of stress. They think, pressure and working pressure deprive them of joy and happiness. They think, that won't

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